Mission Statement

The mission of the Sheffield Tree Project is to work with the community to plant and care for a beautiful and diverse population of trees in the public areas of Sheffield, Massachusetts, and to educate the public on the benefits of community forestry.


Sheffield Land Trust

The Sheffield Tree Project operates under the sponsorship of the Sheffield Land Trust, a not-for-profit organization.


Keep Sheffield Green

Planting and maintaining trees along our streets and commons will create beautiful, shady surroundings for the community and visitors. Trees contribute to a more healthy environment; they help to clean the air and water, and provide protection against the cold winds of winter and the heat of the summer sun. The goal of the Sheffield Tree Project is to bring together all members of our community and build on our civic pride by restoring our trees.

The Sheffield Tree Project’s outreach to the community is geared toward raising people’s awareness of existing trees to encourage a more active interest in caring for them. Our aim is to improve the quality of the environment and the quality of life for our whole community.

To date we have planted over 150 trees on private and public lands along the streets of Sheffield, in the Town Park, on The Green, at the Bushnell-Sage Library, and on the campuses of Undermountain and Mount Everett Schools.

A core group of tireless and dedicated volunteer board members have anchored the efforts, while dozens more have come to join us on Planting Day. We have planted Sugar Maples, Red Maples, Red Oaks, White Oaks, Chincapin Oaks, American Sycamores, Crabapples, and many disease-resistant American elms.

We have planted trees with the help of contractors, homeowners, high school and grade school students, toddlers, and passers-by.

We have enjoyed the help of community groups and organizations, including The Sheffield Kiwanis, Elm Watch, the Sheffield Land Trust, the Sheffield Historical Society and Troup 28 of the Boy Scouts of America.

Trees have been provided by Whalen Nurseries in Great Barrington, Ward’s Nursery and Garden Center in Great Barrington, and Ingersoll Land Care right here in Sheffield.

Professional contractors aiding in the STP effort have included these Sheffield companies:

Tomich Landscape Design, Ingersoll Land Care, Race Mountain Tree Service, Berkshire Stump Grinding, Hyatt Tree Company. Plantings have been funded in part by the ReLeaf grant program, awarded to STP by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Please visit the DCR Community Forestry website!

We have also been the recipient of many gracious gifts from the community. Many thanks to those that have supported our efforts!